Anita McKenzie aka Sistahintheraw and Derin Bepo, two of the UK’s most exceptional and popular raw food health champions, have teamed up to bring you an exclusive set of dynamic and life-changing audio conversations, featuring the many ways in which a raw plant food lifestyle can help you to achieve excellent health and longevity!

I had struggled for a good few years with hypertension (high blood pressure) and the medical advice I had been given was to take medication to control it. Years earlier, I had even travelled to India in search of an auryvedic solution. After just one consultation with the auryvedic doctor, he had my contributing factors down pat! In the first instance I was prescribed a shrodara treatment, the most relaxing, calming treatment I have ever experienced, and it worked! My bp (blood pressure) reading became normal and I felt cured. However I couldn’t just up and go live in South India.

I had not heard about raw food at that point, and I thought that I was a healthy eater already, with little sugar or refined food and meat etc. in my diet. I decided that I would commit to travel across London, once a week, for 8 weeks to find out more about raw lifestyles. I remember now how astonished I was to learn that certain cultural foods could be eaten raw, so with more than a hint of skepticism at first, I tried the weekly dishes and listened to Derin Bepos (our teacher) engaging and life changing lectures, as I discovered a completely new approach to health and wellbeing.

As I started to consciously incorporate more raw vegetables and green smoothies into my diet, I found an incredible improvement in my energy levels and found that I felt even calmer. From that point onwards, I set about deepening my raw food education by attending numerous classes and courses and reading and researching.

After a year of transitioning, I started to slip back into more cooked food and quickly developed a physical reaction in my body, and return of many symptoms

I then took another step and had an in depth consultation and EIS scan with Derin and discovered that I had an inflamed colon. I didn’t go to my GP because I knew I would receive medication treatment for the symptoms and that healing would be bypassed. I was in so much pain that I started missing days off work and couldn’t sleep at night. Derin gave me a specific programme including juice fast with powerful detox herbs such as the Bowel Blaster. This felt daunting, but I felt so ill that I was desperate for relief and healing.

Luckily I was surrounded by support to maintain daily juicing 24/7, with no food of any kind. Within a few days, the awful pain had disappear and a week later my energy levels soared again. My blood pressure was well within the normal range I experienced an incredible sense of relief and happiness.

I Re-connected to my raw food journey at a deepened level, I had experienced the healing power of green juicing.

Later in the year, when I was back on track with raw food and I felt stronger, I undertook the HealthRestore programme for the first time! The programme is a 3 month cleanse and detox process, designed to remove debris and toxins from the systems of the body, by using the HealthRestore Programme This is a challenging process for those that are unaccustomed with deep cleansing. But it works

Three months later, I looked and felt amazing – my skin was glowing, my eyes were brighter, my brain fog had disappeared and I was two stone lighter (going from dress size 14, to size 10) in weight. I felt healthy and vital and my spiritual practice seemed to deepen into more stability.

Over the years, Derin has been an inspirational teacher and trusted health consultant. Through his guidance I now know what my body loves and I have maintained control over my BP, healed digestive and energy issues. As I get older, maintaining energy levels and physical activity is crucial for my work. I have felt the benefits of cleansing and a raw plant food lifestyle first hand and have been deeply inspired to train as a raw food teacher and to create Raw Soul Food.

I decided I wanted to tap into the seemingly endless well of health knowledge possessed by Derin, It was not easy he is very busy! Eventually we got together once a week for 12 weeks of interviews, questions, conversations about Derin’s favorite topic Raw Food and Peak Health.



The result is the extensive audio series Conversations in Raw a fascinating set of dialogues and insights into the mind and experience of a man who has conducted over 20 thousand health consultations, eaten no cooked foods for the last 15 years and has been a major source of influence healing and inspiration to myself and very many others. They say questions are powerful, well I asked Derin a lot of questions!

Buy the series and listen to it a few times.  I know that you will be as blessed listening to it as I was recording it

Derin is a Natural Health Consultant, Master Detox Specialist, Anti-Ageing and Rejuvination Consultant, Health Motivator, Lecturer, Broadcaster and Trainer in Natural Health Principles…

“Due to various factors impacting health today, anyone not being proactive and taking specific steps to reverse health challenges and maintain health at a peak level, will end up in serious problems.”

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